When we started our Organization

Kandhamal is a persecution area . During 2007and 2008 there was a violence against Christian community .So many churches, Christians houses been destroyed,refed somany girls so God burden me to establish Churches, orphanage in odisha ….

We are a registered NGO body, constituted to counter the effects of Disaster such as Droughts, Floods, Cyclones, Earthquakes, Man made Adversities, Land Disaster and to improving Rural Development in India. We strive hard to make sure risk is reduced to the highest possible level and Disaster Management is proactive and not reactive. It is our endeavor to follow the guidelines laid by the International Red Cross in managing Disasters. The major points are listed below…

Our Aims

Sharing Gospel to all over India, reaching unreachable, preaching the good news of Jesus Christ.Establishing Churches all over Odisha,India.start orphanages and make them bright future, helping poor ,widows.Day Care centre for the destitute children in tribal village,giving education to tribal village children.start Children Bible Club,Bible college, Seminars, Support pastors,empowered them . providing food, cloths to the poor.youth camps .

This is the heading

To create environmental awareness among the people. To create sensitivity in the individual group regarding environmental issues.

Reduce World Poverty

We also provide other educational services and opportunities that help to make schools more effective and more accessible to students of all backgrounds.

Help Poor Children

Our organization provides housing to those who are homeless and who do not have enough money to make a house for them. We provide supporting hand for them .

How You Can Help Us

Just Call at +91 9438440290 to make a donation

Our Mission

Miracle Ministries Odisha

Church planting, orphanage, Children ministries.giving education to tribal children (daycare)

Our Activity

Save the children
Children in need
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Our Vision​

Miracle Ministries Odisha

Vision.... Church planting,Raising missionary,helping poor, destitute, widows caring ,

Our Activity

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